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Shipment Conditions

 1.                 Pre-payment (free-of –charge starting at 100€ and above)

Within 24 hours or at the next working day, the customer will receive an order confirmation. Goods currently not available on stock will be ordered once money transfer has been completed. Shipping will follow immediately. Usually, this requires 3-5 working days. Goods available on stock will be shipped at the day of the confirmed money transfer to our account.

 2.                 Cash on delivery (only Germany)

Within 24 hours or at the next working day, the customer will receive order confirmation with an estimated time of delivery.

Important NOTE:   Only available items on stock will be shipped. Exhaust gear, individually manufactured items and Special orders will be shipped only on pre-payment conditions.

 3.                 Payment per Credit Card

We accept VISA / MASTER Card (up to a maximum of 300 €). Conditions i.a.w. No. 2 apply.

 4.                 Financing (min. 300€)

Our Partner CC-Bank AG provides our customers with financing solutions when required.

If you wish to go for this please get in contact with us for the actual rate.

 5.                 Delivery:

We deliver as fast as possible. If an article is not available anymore you will be informed   by e-mail.

 6.                 Minimum magnitude of order

We don’t request this. You are welcome to order whatever you want and as much as you want. However, please keep in mind that shipping cost may differ related to the amount of order.

 7.                 Shipping Cost

 Please look for details under “Versandkosten Inland” or “Versandkosten Ausland”.

 8.                 Transfer of Property

Shipping and in case, Re-Shipping, are accountable to customer. If required, transport insurance can be ordered at additional charge. (Please ask for details). Order amounts up to 500 € are automatically covered (no extra charge) by the shipment provider GLS. In principal, the customer covers the shipping risk.

 9.                 Damaged items

Our personnel are requested to handle your equipment with the maximum possible care.

However, if you receive damaged items please reclaim the damage in attendance of the GLS representative. He/she will provide you with a written confirmation.


10.             Return Shipping

Prior returning any ordered parts, please get in contact with us. We will provide you with a Return Order Shipping number. This number must be readable on the surface of the package.

NOTE:                        We do not accept returned shipments that are charged to us (if not agreed before).

Return address:        FMW Tuning and Autoteile

                                   Abt. Retouren

                                   Heidestr. 39

                                   51147 Köln

Important Shipping Information: Our shipment provider GLS delivers only twice. Be advised to make sure that your order can be received by someone or get in contact with GLS after first delivery attempt. If orders are not being delivered please get in contact with us using following phone number 0049-2203-608227.